© e ® Colectivo Multimédia Perve

Our Association has no lucrative ends. We have regular activities
since 1997 and our main objective is the implementation and popularization of different ways of artistic expression, based in
new technologies. In the ambit of our activities we accomplished exhibitions, ateliers and professional apprenticeships in the
areas of production of contents multimedia, audiovisual
production, cultural animation and artistic development,
among others.
Perve Galleria is the only one in its genre in Portugal, and it
exposes, in the same space, work of fine arts and work of
digital art (multimedia interactive).
Several other aims such as the structured development of
partnerships with associations, foundations, universities,
institutes and other institutions, Portuguese or foreigner
countries, with works on artistic level, cultural and
multimedia areas.
We also seek for collaborations with authors, national and
international, working along our aims.