Eye (purple) Line

Production and development of a prototype to the Cd-Rom interactive multimedia application Eye (purple) Line.

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Trilogy with Artur Bual

Production and development of contents - Prototype CD-Rom Trilogy with Artur Bual. Prototype of a interactive multimedia application about life and career of the painter Artur Bual. Organized around three themes: Love, Lightness and Calmlessness. To know the life and work of the artist Artur Bual through an interactive travel about his artistic universe with the painting, three dimensional animation, panoramic animations, video, music, poetry, interactive interviews and biographical information.

Noma Kan Djan- Art in Mozambique

Production and development of a prototype of an interactive multimedia application in Cd-Rom Noma Kan Djan- Art in Mozambique. The aim is to show up Mozambican Art, their author’s and curiosities of the country. Another aim is to turn it into an interactive encyclopaedia, with biannual actualisations about Mozambican artists. The Colectivo Multimedia Perve in Maputo collected the contents of the application from September to October 1999.